If you’re planning to visit the Spa for the first time this page has been created with you in mind!

We’ve tried to provide you with as much information as possible before your visit, to answer any queries you may have and to help you relax and look forward to visiting North gulham Spa

On arrival

You will be greeted by your spa host who will show you around the spa, give you your towel robe and slippers and consultation forms. She will answer any questions you have and make you a drink if desired.


Relaxation is the first area you will come to. Our Spa Assistants are on hand to serve you with complimentary hot drinks. You can help yourself to fruit juices and water from the dispensers and there’s a selection of magazines and daily newspapers available.

If you’re having a treatment during your visit, your therapist will collect you from the spa and take you to your treatment room.

Spa Experience

If you’re visiting us for the first time, or just haven’t been for a while, our Spa Assistants will give you a tour of the Spa.

There is a Sauna, which is a dry heat, with temperatures of up to 95°C. Please make sure you are as dry as possible before entering the Sauna, and only take dry towels into this room.

An indoor heated pool heated to between 29-31 Degrees

The hot tub outside on the sun deck which the temperature is around 38-40 degrees

Also outside is a darkened zen room where you can go to completely unwind!

If you feel faint, dizzy or unwell at any time please leave the Spa Experiences, take a seat in the Relaxation area and ask a member of staff for assistance.

If you have any questions or queries that we’ve not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.